#FiveFourTen Thick Yoga Strap Review

I Received:

I just started doing yoga again after a few years of not doing it, and one of the things I realized I had problems with was reaching my feet in a seated position. 1 because I’m overweight, and 2 because my arms are super short so it’s always been awkward for me.

That’s where the #FiveFourTen Thick Yoga Strap came in handy. I was able to loop the strap around my feet, grab on and stretch it out. Seriously I didn’t know how much it would help until I was able to try it.

The cloth is a little stiff but I think that with time it should loosen up a bit – it is brand new after all. It’s sturdy and for me, who is only 5’5″ the length of 8 inches is perfect. The metal D ring is really nice too, I’m easily able to adjust the size as I go and I don’t feel like I’m going to break it.

Product Description:
Master Difficult Yoga Poses!
– Are you looking for a way to help you achieve the perfect form on difficult yoga poses?
– Are you constantly suffering from injuries from training?
– Have you already tried a yoga strap in the past, but it ripped?
Introducing the extremely durable Yoga Strap by FiveFourTen!
– Helps you to master difficult yoga poses and balancing techniques
– Lightweight and easy to carry
– Reinforced design makes it extremely durable
– 100% cotton is hand and machine washable
– 8 feet in length and 1.5 inches in width

Final Verdict: I can’t wait to take this to an actual Yoga class, so far it’s been helpful when I do Yoga in my living room and I can’t wait to give it a full run in an actual class. I love that it’s made well, and if for whatever reason it breaks or needs to be repaired I’m covered by a life time warranty.

Note:  I received the #FiveFourTen Thick Yoga Strap for free in exchange for a fair and honest review. All links link back to the products Amazon page for easy purchase.