#SmartWeigh Digital Bathroom Scale and Body Composition Monitor Review

The Box Included:


For the past 6 months or so I’ve really been focusing on losing weight and getting healthier and in better shape. One of the most critical tools for that job for me, is a scale. I’m the type of person who likes to see results and likes to have tangible data for how I’m doing. What better way then with a scale that tracks not only my weight, but my BMI, muscle and bone mass, body fat and how much water I’m carrying.

Seriously, this thing has tons of bells and whistles and is super easy to set up and get to using. The glass design is really nice, I wish it wouldn’t smudge so easily but hey nothing that a soft cloth won’t clean up. It’s also not bulky or cheap looking, which with a price tag of $45.00 I would sure hope not.

The back light makes it super easy to see what your numbers are. It also glows red or green depending on if you’ve gained or lost weight (something I myself personally haven’t set up but it’s an interesting feature.) Also the Smart Weight Digital Bathroom Scale – has an internal memory for up to 6 separate users, which is nice since my boyfriend is also trying to get in shape so he’ll be able to keep track of his own stats without interfering with mine.

Product Description:
Get fit with the Smart Weigh Digital Body Fat scale! This scale provides users with the information they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The body composition monitor utilizes advanced technology to give the most accurate measurements of body weight, BMI, body fat, water, muscle and bone mass. Simply step on the scale and within seconds get instant, helpful readings. Body analyzer has a unique modern design, sure to fit perfectly into any household décor and is made from strong tempered glass, offering a stable and durable weighing surface with a capacity of 200kg / 440lbs. Measurements are displayed on the blue backlit LCD in large visible numbers (no more bending down to see) and can be shown in 3 weighing modes: lb, kg and st:lb. Body fat digital scale comes equipped with energy saving auto shut off and low battery indicator, and ships with 4 x AAA batteries and a two year warranty.

Final Verdict: I love it! It does the job efficiently and looks very nice in my bathroom. Much better than the old school scale we had before. The price tag is a little bit steep, but it is worth it for all the bells and whistles you get with it. Plus the 2 year warranty is super handy to have.

Note: I received the Smart Weigh Digital Bathroom Scale and Body Composition Monitor at a discount for an honest review. All links here link to the Amazon page for the product.



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