imPRESS Ultra Nail Review

The box included:

  • 1 Box of Nails – Harlem Shake – $7.99
    • 24 nails + 6 accent nails
    • 12 sizes
    • Prep pad
    • Mini file
    • Manicure stick
  • 1 Box of Nails – So, So Stellar – $7.99
    • 24 nails
    • 12 sizes
    • Prep pad
    • Manicure stick


My nails are short and I constantly bite them, which is a disgusting habit that I’ve been trying to break myself of for years. So when I was offered the chance to review imPRESS Nails through Brand Backer, I jumped on the chance.

My experience with fake nails is limited to when I had them done in a nail salon for Jr Prom (which was over 10 years ago now). So my biggest concerns were that they would take forever to put on, and that when I took them off they would hurt.


I was so wrong on both counts. It only took me about 10 minutes to put them on. I could have probably taken less time except the first time I put them on I put them on upside down and had to peel them off to put them back on again.

The biggest problem I had is getting used to the length, and these were the “workable” length. I could have filed them down but because I put them on the wrong way the first time the tops were a little bendy and I wasn’t sure if I would ruin them. I did wear them around the house all day and prepared dinner in them – so for someone who is used to longer nails they would be perfect!

Final Verdict: While I learned that press on nails are not for me, they are really really nice. And at only $7.99 a box, with enough in each box to do 2 manicures as long as you can fit into the extra nails, they are a really great price. I won’t be wearing imPRESS Nails every day I think I will break them out for special occasions and when I just need to feel a little extra glamorous.

Note: Thanks to imPRESS Nails for sending me the product in exchange for a fair review.


4 thoughts on “imPRESS Ultra Nail Review

  1. I tried imPRESS nails two years ago and I wasn’t inpressed (pun intended). I guess my nails are wider than most, because most of them showed a lot of bare nail on the sides after I applied. Plus, they just felt weird on. Thanks for the review and all the pictures!


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